Calibre Photos at Cost Effective Prices

Executive Package

Includes up to 20 photos of the following:

Internal Images (9 photos)

  • Side of front seats/dashboard (Driver's side)
  • Side of front seats/dashboard (Passengers' side ) or just Front seats
  • Back seats (angle view)
  • Dashboard (straight on view)
  • Boot/Cargo-hold or cargo-hold with seats down
  • Instrument dials
  • Steering wheel/controls
  • Driver’s inside door (showing window controls etc)
  • Central consul/gear-selector

External Images (7 photos)

  • 3/4 view (Driver's-side/Front)
  • 3/4 view (Passengers'-side/Back)
  • Front
  • Back
  • Side (Driver's)
  • Wheel (close-up)
  • Engine
  • Plus up to 4 additional close-up photos internal and/or external. For vehicles that have popular extra features or specific details that need highlighting

Optional Extras

– EXECUTIVE+PACKAGE is all of above, plus grouping related items into a single image enabling 

   the showing of more features, but staying Trademe’s 20 photo limit and adding text/graphics

– A video presentation of the still images is also an optional extra 

– These packages can be modified for any type of vehicle, including for classic 

   and sports cars, luxury vehicles, trucks, camper vans, buses or motorbikes etc 

Please note for an indoor photo shoot clients need to provide a large open space in which to photograph. Also several vehicles need to be provided as the studio lighting equipment setup/pack-down time does not warrant a single vehicle.

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Selling second hand vehicles is competitive. A search on Trademe reveals a plethora of options

What ensures that your vehicles get noticed and short-listed onto peoples’ watch-lists? Who are then motivated to visit your showroom to get placed in front of your sales team? High calibre photography will definitely get your vehicles distinguished and are an inference to professionalism about your operation. As a business owner you know what your capital cost tied up in stock is and the monthly cost of carrying vehicles that are sitting in the yard. The trade-off for you is getting staff or unskilled photographers to take photos versus using a specialist with studio lighting equipment and techniques to photograph the higher value assets in your portfolio

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If you hire out vehicles such as people-movers, camper-vans or motor-homes the best practice is to have images of your own stock

Rather than generic manufacturer supplied photos commonly showing vehicles as left-hand drive and interior views that are simply drawn up floor-plans. Essentially the majority of your prospective clients reside overseas and there is often a desire to make a booking straight after finishing comparisons between different providers. And as they inhabit a different time zone some people are not willing to wait for a delayed email response to their specific questions about your particular vehicles. 

Having a standardised set of photos for each different class of vehicle fit-out makes their decision making process seamless