Executive Package - vehicle photography

Includes up to 20 photos of the following recommendations:

Internal Images (9 photos)

  • Side of front seats/dashboard (Driver's side)
  • Side of front seats/dashboard (Passengers' side ) and/or just front seats
  • Back seats (angle view)
  • Dashboard (straight on view)
  • Boot/Cargo-hold and/or cargo-hold with seats down
  • Instrument dials (close-up)
  • Steering wheel/controls (close-up)
  • Central consul/gear-selector (close-up)
  • Driver's door/controls (close-up)

External Images (7 photos)

  • 3/4 view (Driver's-side/Front)
  • 3/4 view (Passengers'-side/Back)
  • Front
  • Back
  • Side (Driver's)
  • Wheel (close-up)
  • Engine
  • Plus up to 4 additional close-up photos internal and/or external:
    Highlight sort after extra features or specific design details
  • All images are supplied as jpegs to Trademe specifications

Optional Extras

–   Upon application 300 dpi high-resolution photos can be specified to carry out further design work or for printing

–   EXECUTIVE+PACKAGE  is all of above, plus grouping related items into a composite image enabling the showing
     of more features, but staying within Trademe’s 20 photo limit

–   In addition, a video slide-show presentation of the still images is also provided, which can be added to a Trademe
     listing. The video format will be as MP4 file at 1080p HD

–   These packages can be modified for any type of vehicle – including for classic and sports cars, luxury vehicles,
     motorhomes, peoplemovers, trucks or motrobikes etc


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Selling second hand vehicles is competitive: Searching on Trademe reveals many options

What ensures that your automobiles get short-listed onto peoples’
watch-lists?  Who are then motivated to visit your showroom to get placed in front of your sales team?  Quality photography will definitely get your motor vehicles noticed and are an inference to professionalism about your operation.

Hiring a specialist with the equipment and possessing specific techniques will enhance the higher value assets in your portfolio

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Campervan – Motorhome – Peoplemover businesses: Why choose your company?

Websites showing generic manufacturer supplied images and interior views that are solely drawn up floor-plans can result in additional information needing to be sort.  Often there is a desire to make a booking immediately after finishing comparisons between different providers and having to wait for a delayed email response to specific questions could be a deterrent.  Especially for people inhabiting a different time zone. 

A standardised set of images for the different berth/seating sizes makes potential customer’s decision making process seamless